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Published:September 30th, 2016 10:46 EST

Hillary Clinton's Robot Seal Clap Scares the Bejesus Out of Voters: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s axiomatic that Hillary Clinton won the debate, even diehard Donald Trump supporters, who normally heap praise on their narcissistic boss, concede that he wasn`t at the top of his game.

Hillary delivered a powerful 90-minute performance that was free of coughing fits, feinting spells, cackling, screaming, and spastic movements.

In fact, the sociopath managed to convince millions that she wasn`t a clone, robot or possessed by demons.

However in a post-debate appearance Hillary was robotically clapping like a seal while Bernie Sanders was speaking on her behalf. The presidential hopeful appeared tired and sick, evidently acting like a human being for 90 minutes wore her out.

Was Hillary clapping like a seal as an homage to the late Joan Rivers?

Was she clapping to keep herself awake and alert?

Was she clapping like a seal because that`s just the way robots roll?

Who knows? But I don`t want a broken down seal-clapping old witch sitting in the Oval Office!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia