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Published:October 1st, 2016 10:58 EST

Hillary Clinton Suffers Horrible Post Debate Coughing Fit! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton has an encyclopedic knowledge of the domestic and foreign issues that will face the next president of the United States, nevertheless she practiced like a madwoman for the first presidential debate.

The Democratic nominee also took a few days off from the campaign trail, it was evident that she was physically rested and mentally alert for the epic showdown.

Hillary delivered a nearly flawless performance, her physicians accomplished a medical miracle by keeping her from suffering a coughing fit, a feinting spell, or spastic movements for 90 minutes.

Let me describe the outcome of the debate in a vernacular that Trump would understand: Hillary made Trump her bitch.

But after less than a week back on the campaign trail, Hillary suffered another disturbing coughing spell. A president can`t afford to take a week`s vacation every month, if Hillary wins she will be dead a month into her administration.

Hillary is dreadfully sick, and she has no business running for president. It`s her huge ego and sense of entitlement that has keep her alive so far, but the rigors of office will kill the old woman in no time.

Watch as Hillary Clinton is struck by another coughing fit at her campaign rally Friday afternoon in Fort Pierce, Fla.


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