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Published:October 1st, 2016 11:23 EST

I Knew Trump Would Lose Debate When I Saw Hillary Clinton Wearing Red Pantsuit

By Robert Paul Reyes

Most women, even butch lesbians, wear dresses for formal or important occasions, but Hillary Clinton (no surprise) wore a pantsuit for her critical first debate with Donald Trump.

And not just any pantsuit but a fire engine red pantsuit that screamed: Here I am bitc***, how do you like me now? A red pantsuit doesn`t hide my obese figure, but my fat ass is going to be sitting in the Oval Office.

Trump eschewed his usual red power tie in favor of a more subdued color, but even if he had worn a red tie that reached down to his shoes, he would have been overpowered by Hillary`s red power pantsuit.

Hillary could have donned a clown suit, and Trump is the one who would have come across as the biggest clown on the stage.

As soon as I saw Hillary walk onto the stage wearing her red pantsuit, I knew that Trump didn`t have a prayer. Indeed Hillary beat the snot out of Trump.

Those of us who can`t stand Hillary better prepare ourselves for the spectacle of Hillary wearing a pantsuit for her

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