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Published:October 1st, 2016 21:11 EST

Netlix Goes Down Saturday, Millennials Panic

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Netflix went down Saturday afternoon for about 2½ hours, unleashing a flood of tweets and posts as fans found themselves unable to get to their favorite shows."


USA Today

When I was 18 and life got to be too much, I would leave my apartment and go for a long drive.

But today`s young people are still living with their parents and most of them don`t even know how to drive. When life is too much for millennials they retreat to their parents` basement, turn on the large screen TV, and Netflix and chill.

Imagine their shock, horror and disappointment when Netflix went down for a couple of hours on Saturday.

OMG! What were their options? Commit suicide? Go upstairs and interact with their parental units? Hook up with a stranger on Tinder, and grind away their frustrations?

Screw millennials, I hope a goodly number offed themselves, when we were their age we only had a dozen TV channels, and my generation turned out OK.

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