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Published:October 2nd, 2016 11:05 EST

Grumpy Cat Joins Cast of Broadway Show 'Cats'! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"She has more than 12 million followers online, has starred in her own Lifetime original movie and even found herself on the New York Times bestseller list. And now, Internet sensation Grumpy Cat can officially add Broadway to her long list of accomplishments.

The Internet`s favorite forever-frowning feline made history on Friday, making her Broadway debut and becoming the first genuine kitty ever to appear in Andrew Lloyd Webber`s Cats.

The meme sensation joined the cast on stage at New York`s Neil Simon Theatre and was presented with a certificate making her an honorary Jellicle Cat by cast member Quentin Earl Darrington.


Grumpy Cat is a genuine celebrity: She has a manager, a verified Twitter account, a stage name (real name Tardar Sauce) and millions in her bank accounts.

Grumpy Cat has already starred in a Lifetime movie, but now she is making her Broadway debut, become the first real kitty to appear in Andrew Lloyd Webber`s Cats. Grumpy Cat will teach those poseurs a thing or two about being a genuine feline.

I`ve never attended a Broadway show in my life, but I would travel to the Big Apple if Grumpy Cat and her fellow Internet superstars (Lil` Bub, Maru, Venus and Hamilton the Hipster Cat) starred in an all feline version of Cats.

You Go Grumpy! For your next career move I suggest you record a CD, next to you Adele will song like a caterwauling karaoke singer.

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