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Published:October 3rd, 2016 21:13 EST

Beloved Street Cat Honored With His Own Statue! Purr-fect Memorial!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cherished neighborhood cat, made famous for his particular at-ease style of lounging about, has been bestowed one of the highest honors a lazy but loved feline can receive " having his memory and likeness preserved forever in a statue erected at his favorite spot.


Tombili, as he was called, was a well known figure along the streets of Istanbul where he lived. It`s unclear if he had a dedicated home of his own, but the cat`s chubby frame and sweet demeanor suggests there were plenty of folks around who made sure he wasn`t lacking food or affection."

The Dodo

Cats are people, and when they die they live forever in our memories. I have an album of my cats that have passed on, and I never tire of admiring their photographs.

Some cat lovers aren`t satisfied with photographs or videos of their dearly departed pet, so they take the corpse to a taxidermist so it can be stuffed and preserved in a lifelike state.

That`s kind of creepy, my cats psych me out when they stare at me, I can`t imagine the creepiness factor of my dead cat staring at me.

But a statue is a perfect memorial for a beloved feline, Tombili was a street cat without a home, but he was so adorable that he was fed, petted and loved by the residents of the neighborhood where he lived.

Check out the Tombili`s statue, the artist captured his laid-back elegance.  

Pics of Tombili:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia