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Published:October 4th, 2016 11:19 EST

Giant Pooch Preciously Protects Tiny Puppy: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"You could say Bentley is a fully grown dog, but that doesn`t paint the entire picture. In fact, he`s one massive canine! While he could choose to spend his time picking on those who are smaller than him, it never occurs to him to do so. Just watch him interact with his new little brother, Yeti.

Little Yeti is lucky to have such a protective big brother in Bentley. These two are going to have a lot of fun as they grow up together!"

Honest to Paws

Brothers like to tease and harass their younger brothers, but in the canine world there`s no such thing as sibling rivalry.

Bentley is a fully grown monster dog that would intimidate man or beast, but look how protective and tender he is with his tiny little brother, Yeti.

Don`t ever be afraid to adopt a big dog, he will be a protector of your family, including your young children. I have a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, and all the children in my neighborhood love her.

Whether you like tiny pooches like Yeti or big dogs like Bentley, there`s a dog that`s just perfect for you at your local animal shelter. 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia