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Published:October 8th, 2016 12:17 EST

Cat Bites Owner's Toes, Saves Him From Deadly Seizure

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Glen Schallman adopted his 1-year-old cat, Blake, he got much more than a companion. He got a pet that would eventually save his life.

Schallman lives with a combination of rare brain conditions, called polymicrogyria and unilateral schizencephaly. On top of that, he has a brain tumor known as hypothalamic hamartoma. This rare combination causes him to have daily seizures that can be deadly.

Even though Schallman`s cat has never received any training, he acts as a therapy animal. When Schallman had a seizure in his sleep, Blake bit his owner`s toes and woke him up."

USA Today

I don`t need a psychiatrist, my two adorable cats and loyal pooch keep my blood pressure down and my spirits high. My pets can sense when I`m feeling down, and they comfort me by snuggling next to me.

Blake the cat may provide his owner with companionship, but there`s no way in hell that he bit his owner`s toes to wake him up because he was having a seizure. Blake was either hungry or being mischievous -- period, end of story!

But all`s well that ends well, and I`m glad that Blake is being recognized as a hero, even though he is just a playful kitty.

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