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Published:October 9th, 2016 16:35 EST

Pooch Throws Tantrum When It's Time to Leave Pet Store: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The pet store for a dog is the equivalent of a toy store for a kid. The place is loaded with toys and treats, and you`re probably going to go home with a new plaything. 


But while going to the store is fun for dogs, leaving the pet store is an absolute nightmare. 

At least this dog has a pretty good method for spending a little bit more time at the pet store by pretending all four of its legs are broken."


There`s only one place that a pooch likes more than his own home: A pet store. A pet store has all kinds of delicious treats, exciting toys and wonderful animals, it`s an amusement park for pooches.

My dog, Mandy, accompanies me almost everywhere I go, and when I go to the pet store I bring her along with me. In fact, I don`t patronize any pet store that doesn`t allow pets.

When Mandy sees me pull up to the PetSmart parking lot her eyes grow as big as saucers, she knows I`m going to load up my shopping basket with giant bones, pig ears, bacon treats and other delectable delights.

Mandy is a well-mannered and smart canine, she doesn`t throw a tantrum when we`re leaving the pet store because she knows that as soon as we exit the store I`m going to give her a treat.

But the doggie in this video isn`t as smart or well-mannered as Mandy; he makes it very clear to his owner that he doesn`t want to leave the pet store:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia