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Published:October 10th, 2016 11:24 EST

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Lost the Debate! The Clear Winner: Kenneth Bone!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Before he was even finished asking his question at the second presidential debate on Sunday, Kenneth Bone had become an instant online sensation.

Near the end of the second presidential debate, Bone `a former Domino`s Pizza manager and classic-car enthusiast, according to his Facebook page` posed a question for the two candidates about how they would craft their energy policies to reduce emissions while not harming jobs.

Bone`s earnest delivery, bright sweater, and suggestive yet punchy name attracted instant attention online, inspiring thousands of tweets and a Facebook fan page with thousands of followers."


The second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was disgusting, depressing and yes, deplorable. I would hate to try to pick a winner from this mud wrestling spectacle, but the clear loser was the American public.

I can`t wait for this presidential campaign to be over, can we please move the election day to Halloween? It doesn`t matter who wins the Clown or the Witch, America loses.

However, a star was discovered on debate night, an unassuming gentleman by the name of Kenneth Bone. Kenneth, a former Domino`s Pizza manager looks like a fast food manager, not that there`s anything wrong with looking like, or actually being a fast food manager.

Kenneth rocks the kind of mustache that`s not going to turn on any girls, but I bet his wife or mother often tell him: Honey your mustache looks so spiffy.

Kenneth didn`t ask an exciting question like: Mr. Trump do you wear boxers, briefs or do you go commando? Instead he posed a boring query about energy policy and emissions and whatnot.

But homeboy was so earnest that he won our hearts, minds and souls.

And that red sweater was just killer, if I don a Kenneth Bone red sweater all the hotties in my neighborhood are going to be all over me like white on rice.

How did we end up with two losers like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Kenneth Bone for President of the United States!

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