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Published:October 11th, 2016 11:13 EST

Stephen Colbert Responds to Second Presidential Debate: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Stephen has the day off, but he just can`t resist the urge to comment on Sunday night`s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Welcome to `The Late Show`s We`re Not Working Post-Debate Spectacular: Home Edition!` (Special thanks to North Shore Animal League for supplying Stephen`s co-host, who just so happens to be adoptable.

YouTube video description

Stephen Colbert had a day off Monday, but he couldn`t resist opining on the second debate between Hillary and Trump, so he blessed us with this video.

Thanks to Trump "pussy" has been on everybody`s minds recently, naturally Colbert`s co-star for his video was an adorable pussy cat. Did you expect his co-star to be a naked female porn star?

Hillary Clinton refused to shake Trump`s hand at the start of the debate, and given the Donald`s penchant for grabbing women by the vagina, who can blame her?

Given the minuscule size of Trump`s hands, I don`t think he can actually grasp any pussy, the only thing he can grab is his tiny pecker.

Colbert`s analysis of the debate may be entertaining but I can summarize it in five words: Ken Bone, sniffling, robot Hillary.

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