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Published:October 11th, 2016 10:47 EST

What in God's Name is Up With Donald Trump's Sniffling?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Our long national nightmare is almost over, we`ve survived two Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and there`s only one left.

Hillary won both debates, in large measure because she`s didn`t cackle, scream, have a coughing fit, or suffer a seizure.

Trump lost the debates because he can`t go more than a minute, let alone 90 minutes, without coming across as an insufferable jerk.

Trump sniffed his way through the debates, which begs the question: What`s up with the sniffing?

Cocaine isn`t an explanation, Trump may be a lot of things (racist, misogynist, liar, ignoramus, vain), but he`s not a druggie. Trump`s older brother Fred died from alcoholism at the age of 42, and that left a deep impression on him, so much so that he never drinks or takes drugs.

It`s obviously a nervous tic, some people run their fingers through their hair when they are anxious, obviously that wouldn`t work with Trump. Once Trump`s hair is ruffled, it`s takes a hour to tame it.

I have a tendency to rub my chin when I`m uncomfortable, that wouldn`t work for the Donald. Trump does his best to keep his tiny hands hidden, he certainly doesn`t want the camera to focus on his baby hands.

Some men tug on their tie when they are nervous, but if the blowhard billionaire starts tugging or grabbing his tie, next thing he will start grabbing any vagina in his vicinity.

Trump`s only recourse is to sniffle when he gets nervous, he`s going to be sniffling like a cocaine addict come Election Day.

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