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Published:October 12th, 2016 17:03 EST

Vigilantes Fight Back Against Evil Clowns

By Robert Paul Reyes

"KILLER Clowns` are being warned to be on their guard as now it is them who should be running scared.

Vigilantes across the globe have decide to turn the tables on the masked pranksters by letting them know their terror time is over.

Police forces in the UK, the USA and Australia have been deluged with reports of attacks ON clowns as the public finally  says enough is enough.

We have already told how groups who want to stamp out the craze have dubbed themselves `clown hunters` and united on Facebook to organise patrols."

The Sun

As Halloween approaches evil clown sightings are on the rise, and the battle between good and evil may very well be decided on Halloween night.

We can`t do anything about climate change, endless wars in the Middle East, and corruption in politics, but we can fight the clown menace. If you have a bat, axe, or a meat cleaver you can join the forces of righteousness in their war against clowns. Get connected on social media and join vigilantes in your city to fight this evil scourge.

For God`s sake don`t make the mistake of thinking that not all clowns are bad; professional clowns are as wicked as the clowns that loiter in playgrounds. Go Medieval on any clown you run across, and let the Almighty sort things out.

If you happen to meet the King of the Clowns, that abomination with wispy hair, an orange face, and a sphincter for a mouth, don`t let him grab your pussy with his dreadful tiny hand.

Halloween promises to be Clown Apocalypse, and I want to be able to tell future generations that I did my part in this epic fight between the forces of light and darkness.

Dear friend, ask yourself: What am I doing to fight this clown epidemic?

Link to videos of godly citizens attacking evil clowns: