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Published:October 14th, 2016 20:59 EST

Baby Discovered Sleeping in a Headstand Position? Time to Call the Exorcist?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Twitter user and first-time babysitter turned to the microblogging site for advice when she discovered the baby doing something unusual -- sleeping on her head.


Mikaela Long, who is famous on social media for her humorous Vine videos, posted a photo to Twitter showing the moment a baby monitor camera captured the baby Long was watching sleeping in a headstand position.

"This is my 1st time babysitting & idk where I went wrong but my niece is currently asleep on her head,` Long tweeted. "Do I call the parents or the exorcist?` "


I can put up with a baby throwing a tantrum, belching, farting, or even crapping her diaper, but I won`t tolerate a demon-possessed baby.

If I discovered a baby sleeping in a headstand position, I would call for an exorcist. If the exorcist didn`t come right away I would put the baby on the front porch, with the hopes that she would be spirited away by an evil clown.

This kind of demonic activity must be nipped in the bud, first the baby is sleeping on her head, next she will be conjuring demons on the Ouija Board, and eventually she will be scribbling "Vote for Trump" on the walls.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia