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Published:October 16th, 2016 10:16 EST

Company Makes Veggie Burger that 'Bleeds' Like a Real Burger: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s nothing like a good burger, right? A company invented a burger that `bleeds` like a real burger, but it actually was created in a lab in Silicon Valley.

It looks like a hamburger, sizzles like a hamburger and even tastes like a hamburger, but this burger was actually made in a Silicon Valley lab, from plants.

`It`s a very hard thing to do, but it`s doable,` said Patrick Brown of Impossible Foods."

ABC News

If you believe that a veggie burger looks, bleeds, smells, and tastes like a real burger, I have a $1 bottle of cologne to sell you that will make you look and smell just like Brad Pitt.

Biting into a sandwich that you thought was a real burger only to discover that it`s a veggie burger, is as disappointing as discovering that the beautiful escort you paid good money for is a transsexual.

The company that makes these execrable veggie burgers is aptly named "Impossible Foods", because  it`s impossible to make a veggie burger that tastes good.

hamburgerDamn this Impossible Burger straight to hell!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia