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Published:October 16th, 2016 17:30 EST

Ken Bone: From Unknown to Internet Darling to Deplorable Pervert

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After Sunday`s Presidential debate, some commentators argued that neither candidate truly won, and that America itself lost. From the ashes of theugliest debate in modern history, only one thing seemed worth saving Ken Bone.


His apparent innocence, embodied by a smiling face and a generous frame swaddled in a red cable-knit sweater, comforted us in the face of dispiriting chaos. His question, a straightforward query about energy policy, seemed to cut through the grim air of the night, reminding us of a simpler time.

The tweets and memes rolled in. Bone became an internet-era celebrity, literally overnight."


Ken Bone and his warm and fuzzy red sweater was a much needed antidote to the clown in his red power tie and the witch in her pantsuit. Nobody would want to drink a beer with Clinton or Trump, but we wouldn`t mind getting drunk with the Bonester.

Who doesn`t love and trust a man in a sweater? Bone brought back warm memories of Mr. Rogers and the pre-scandal Bill Cosby.

It took over a decade for Cosby`s image and reputation to be destroyed, but it took a nano-second for Bone to go from an unknown to an Internet celebrity to a deplorable pervert.

Bone had me as soon as I saw his red sweater, and I fell in love with him in a very real and platonic (non-ironic) way.

But the Internet that made Bone an instant star, just as quickly destroyed him. Bone`s postings on Reddit exposed him as a pervy nerd.  On Reddit Bone described forging car insurance documents so he wouldn`t get fired from his pizza delivery job, admitted he gawked at Jennifer Lawrence`s nude pic, and shared that he was particularly impressed with her butthole, and expressed admiration for George Zimmerman.

You live by the Internet, you die by the Internet.

We are dying for heroes! Ken Bone you let us down, and we will never (EVER) forgive you.

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This article is an update to my essay:

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Lost the Debate! The Clear Winner: Kenneth Bone!

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