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Published:October 17th, 2016 11:14 EST

Donald Trump's Panties in a Twist Over Alec Baldwin's Impersonation of Him

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For three weeks in a row, Alec Baldwin has been killing it as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. His facial expressions are on point and you can tell the actor has really studied Trump`s mannerisms and his penchant for weird pauses. Plus the wig and makeup work great. But Donald Trump isn`t a fan. The Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter on Sunday morning to act like a TV critic, calling Saturday Night Live a boring and unfunny show "and say Baldwin`s portrayal stinks. Plus, he also linked it to his new(ish) favorite topic, noting the comedy show is just the latest example of how "wait for it "the election is rigged."


Although the SNL writers are open about being liberal, they satirize and skewer Republican and Democratic politicians.  Kate McKinon`s impersonation of Hillary Clinton isn`t exactly flattering, but Hillary isn`t throwing a tantrum over her impersonation.

Trump didn`t complain when he hosted SNL and interacted with a trio of Donald Trump impersonators. But he isn`t thrilled with Alec Baldwin`s impersonation of him, because it`s just too real. Baldwin doesn`t depict Trump as a cranky but likeable character, but as an angry and bitter old man who oozes venom.

When Alec Baldwin impersonates Trump I laugh, but at the same time I suppress and urge to vomit. Baldwin is an excellent comedic actor, and he does a terrific job of channeling the hatred that drives Trump.

Baldwin`s portrayal of Trump isn`t an example of how the election is rigged, it`s an example of how SNL is rigged to make us laugh.

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