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Published:October 19th, 2016 20:24 EST

Hillary Clinton`s Security Detail Laughed When She Broke Her Elbow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton`s security detail hated her so much that they privately snickered after she accidentally fell and broke her arm when she was secretary of state in 2009, one of her former guards told the Post.

Clinton, then 61, was in the State Department basement on her way to meet President Obama when she took a spill " and ended up in the hospital for an operation to repair her shattered right elbow.

`We sort of got the last laugh. It was kind of like payback: You`re treating us like s "t. Hey karma is a bitch!""

New York Post

By all accounts Hillary Clinton is a bit*h, she treats her subordinates and staff like crap. She doesn`t instill or inspire any loyalty, no wonder there`s been over a dozen books written by former staff members describing her as a bit*h.

When Hillary tumbled in 2009, and she shattered her arm, her Secret Service detail couldn`t contain their joy, they laughed their fool heads off. This anecdote proves two things: Hillary has been losing her balance for years, and her staff despises her.

On September 11, 2016 when Hillary was basically dead on her feet, and she had to be held up by her security detail and dumped inside her van, it must have been very difficult for them to prop her up and load her in the vehicle while they were snickering.

Karma is indeed the toughest bit*h in the world, and if Hillary`s hubris doesn`t knock her down, Karma will knock her out (to everyone`s delight.)

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