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Published:October 21st, 2016 11:35 EST

Camera Cuts Away as Hillary Clinton Starts to Descend Stairs Without Railing

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It was that first step gingerly taken that could have been too much for one executive producer.

As the final presidential debate concluded, Hillary Clinton shook moderator Chris Wallace`s hand and made her way from the stage to the auditorium floor in Las Vegas.

Just as she began to descend the stairs " without a railing " the camera cut away."

American Mirror


If Donald Trump was being introduced to a college cheerleading squad the camera would never cut away, the producers would be praying and hoping that Trump wouldn`t be able to control himself and grab one of the cheerleader`s butt with his disgusting little hand.

But there is a conspiracy by the media to protect Hillary`s image, they know that if she was caught on video falling down the stairs, at such at important event, that she would plunge in the polls.

The media elite, Wall Street Bankers, and the Republican and Democratic establishment are praying that Hillary won`t have a major medical crisis before the election.

A nasty physically ill woman vs a nasty morally ill man; doesn`t matter who wins, America loses.

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