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Published:October 22nd, 2016 09:12 EST

Man Paints Giant Ouija Board on Roof of His House! This Can't be Good!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Blair Murphy, an independent filmmaker from Los Angeles, bought the Grand Midway Hotel with some friends 15 years ago. He soon turned the haunted attraction into an unusual home.
The Grand Midway Hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in Western Pennsylvania and it has gotten even spookier.
Murphy painted a 44-by-29-foot Ouija board with letters, numbers and words used to communicate with ghosts on top of his house. Now the board could bring a world record to Windber."


The Ouija Board is ubiquitous in pop culture, for over 100 years the demonic game has been a staple of the supernatural. There have been over a dozen horror flicks that prominently feature a Ouija Board, you know that when a character says "Hey guys, let`s play with the Ouija Board", that deviltry is about to ensue.

I`d rather play Russian roulette than play with the Ouija Board, and I`d rather paint my house with polka dots than paint a giant Ouija Board on the roof of my house.

A giant Ouija Board painted on the roof of a house is a beacon that will attract demons from hell, who knows what evil will visit Murphy`s home:

A UFO will land on his roof, and hideous extraterrestrial beings will anal probe everyone in the residence until they walk bowlegged for the rest of their lives. 

Donald Trump will be attracted by the Ouija Board, land his helicopter on the roof, slide down the chimney and grope every pussy in the house.

Or maybe the Almighty will be so infuriated that He will smite this evil house with a lightning bolt.

Mr. Murphy, for the love of God, paint over that Ouija Board!

Pic of the giant Ouija Board: