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Published:October 23rd, 2016 21:12 EST

Silky the Hairless Hamster is Simply Adorable

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What do you do if you notice a hairless animal who seems to be chilly? In the case of Silky the hairless hamster, an OHS employee decided to crochet her a tiny sweater to help her stay warm.


Silky came to OHS when her family found they had to move and could not continue to care for Silky. They brought her to OHS, where she is now receiving excellent care from staff and volunteers, who fell in love with this sweet little hamster.

Silky is about one year old, and is hairless by birth. She does have short, curly whiskers on her snout, but is otherwise hairless with soft, sensitive skin."

Oregon Humane Society

Hamsters are simply adorable, and it`s impossible not to fall in love with them, unfortunately their life span is only about two or three years.

Silky is even more adorable than the average hamster, due to a genetic mutation she was born without any hair, and she usually wears a tiny sweater to keep warm.

Silky is available for adoption now, so if you live in the Portland, Oregon, love hamsters, and know how to crotchet, get in touch with the Oregon Humane Society.

Pics of Silky:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia