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Published:October 26th, 2016 19:57 EST

Pic of Tiny Smiling Snake Goes Viral

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Virginia authorities shared photos of a tiny and extremely happy snake after an officer used butter to free it from a glue trap at a resident`s home.

Portsmouth Animal Control said in an Instagram post that Officer Brenda Quintana responded to a Portsmouth home Monday on a report of a snake found in a resident`s pest control glue trap.

Animal Control Officers want to remind citizens that although glue traps appear to be a `safe and humane` way to capture unwanted pests and small animals such as snakes and mice, glue traps are actually more inhumane."


Ever since Satan appeared to Eve disguised as a snake in the Garden of Eden, snakes have disgusted and terrified human beings.

When I`m hiking with my pooch in the woods I don`t fear any predator that we encounter, but if we see a snake we run away from it like scared silly school girls.

A snake don`t have a face that conveys emotions, nevertheless it scares the Bejesus out of us. But this tiny snake looks like it`s exceedingly joyful to be alive after being rescued from a glue trap by an Animal Control Officer.

This pic of an adorable tiny snake will make your day: