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Published:October 29th, 2016 22:40 EST

Dude Dresses Up as Dog's Favorite Toy, Gumby

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California man surprised his dog by dressing up as a life-sized version of one of its favorite toys.


Ben Mesches shared video of his dog Jolene playing with her favorite Gumby toy, just before he entered the room in a Gumby costume.

`Jolene meets her favorite toy come to life,` Mesches said.

Jolene immediately took notice of the life-sized Gumby, raising her head up from her toy as she approached Mesches and stood on her hind legs."


I love my pooch, Mandy, and I shower he with treats, toys and hugs. When my dog is happy, I`m happy, and those around me tend to also be happy.

I think it`s adorable that Ben dressed as Jolene`s favorite toy, Gumby. In my opinion Gumby is a wanker, but if Gumby were Mandy`s favorite toy I would dress up like the clay animation character.

Non-pet owners don`t understand the lengths that we go to to make our animal companions happy. If Mandy`s favorite toy was a Honey Boo Boo doll, you`d best believe I would dress up as the fat little demon to make my dog`s day.

Witness how ecstatic Jolene is when she sees her owner dressed as Gumby.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia