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Published:November 2nd, 2016 16:26 EST

Hillary Clinton Kicks Huma Abedin to the Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes

As sure as there is always a swarm of flies buzzing over a steaming pile of crap, Huma Abedin has constantly been by Hillary`s side since 1996 when Hillary was the First Lady.

Abedin currently serves as the Vice Chairwoman of Hillary Clinton`s presidential campaign. She was the Deputy chief of staff for Hillary Clinton at the State Department beginning in 2009.

Abedin share`s Hillary`s political ideology, religion (cult of Hillary), goal (making Hillary President of the United States), and the same bed.

Hillary is an ill-tempered, paranoid, foul-mouthed, incontinent bitch -- you`d think she would never betray a loyal friend and lover who has stuck with her through thick and thin.

But when FBI director, James Comey, announced the reopening of Hillary`s email probe after possibly classified emails were discovered in the laptop of Abedin`s pedophile husband, Hillary kicked her most trusted advisor to the curb:

Now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers and by all means they should look at them. (Clinton said at a campaign rally at Kent State University on Monday.)

And I am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. There is no case here. And they said it wasn`t even a close call.

Hillary`s lover, BFF and most trusted advisor was suddenly demoted to "one of my staffers", and she couldn`t even bring herself to utter Abedin`s name.

Abedin hasn`t made a public statement or been seen in public since Comey dropped his bombshell, and one wonders if we will see her again before Election Day.

If this is the way that Hillary treats a loyal friend who has put up with her demonic temper tantrums for two decades, you can imagine how she will treat us peons if we elect her president.

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