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Published:November 20th, 2016 22:14 EST

Golden Pheasant Dead Ringer for Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A curious creature with audacious golden plumage has fascinated the world. We all watch intently as he struts about, soaking in the attention he knows he commands. An enigma, is he. What secret intent lies behind those sharp blue eyes?


Anyway, enough about Donald Trump. Check out this crazy bird.

This glorious golden pheasant at the Hangzhou Safari Park has become a thing because, well, look at him. He`s got that "Trump hair in the front, medieval samurai in the back` thing going on. His nickname is "Little Red.` Oh, he`s perfect. We really needed this today. "


At this time of the year it`s tempting to compare Donald Trump to a Thanksgiving Day turkey, but there`s another bird that`s a dead ringer for the strutting peacock with the orange face.

Meet "Little Red" the golden pheasant who looks just like Trump, he sports an identical hairdo to the brash billionaire, and he also has a penchant for pooping all over the place.

I wish Little Red was sitting in the Oval Office instead of Big Orange, if an Internet troll bashed Little Red`s appearance on Twitter, he wouldn`t peck at the nuclear button and plunge us into a nuclear winter.

The distinctive bird has been described as the pheasant-elect by People`s Daily, China. The Communist country always gets the best of us in trade deals, America can finally win by trading our prick-elect for their pheasant-elect.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia