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Published:November 21st, 2016 13:30 EST

Children Urge Donald Trump to be Nice

By Robert Paul Reyes

But the day after Election Day, Molly Spence Sahebjami tried to do just that. The Seattle mother started a Facebook group called "Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness.`

The idea? To have children write letters to President-elect Donald Trump "about the importance of being kind to other people, even if they`re different than you are,` according to a description on the group`s Facebook page.
The idea started with her own son, a kindergarten student who said he was concerned about things Trump had said about Muslims, because the family has relatives of Iranian descent.

Her son`s letter, which he dictated to Sahebjami, read: Dear President-elect Trump, please be a good president. Be kind to all people. Some people in my family are a special religion and they are not bad guys. "

The Washington Post

In my opinion a kindergarten student is not ready, psychologically, emotionally, or intellectually to be taught sex education. Wait a few years until he gets a cell phone, and then after his impressionable brain has been saturated with hardcore porn he might enlighten you on some obscure sexual positions.

Just as a young child isn`t ready for sex education, he isn`t ready to learn about the rough and tumble of American presidential campaigns. A loving, considerate and wise parent wouldn`t try to explain the racist clown Donald Trump to his five-year-old, just as he wouldn`t try to explain the serial killer clown William Gacy.

Parents should simply explain to their children that there are some adults who never grew up and still act like children. If Trump had been slapped across his tiny hands with a ruler by his teachers, maybe he wouldn`t have grown up to be a blathering racist bully.

Out of the mouth of babes: Pundits, politicians and preachers have condemned Trump`s racist and misogynist speech to no avail. Maybe this Facebook page featuring letters from children imploring Trump to be kind will melt his heart of stone.

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