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Published:December 12th, 2016 16:37 EST

Amateur Mechanic Modifies Toy Car to Reach Speed of 40mph

By Robert Paul Reyes

An amateur mechanic in Illinois modified a child`s Power Wheels toy car to run on a real engine and reach speeds of 40 mph.


I don`t know how to change the oil in my car, or fix a flat tire, but if I were mechanically inclined, in my spare time I would tune-up the vehicles of senior citizens who live on a fixed income.


Kuta is a master mechanic, and in his free time he souped-up a child`s Power Wheels toy car so that it can reach speeds of 40 mph.

Talk about a complete waste of time and money, what good is a toy car that exceeds 40 mph. I guess you could hand over the key to the toddler next door who`s always screaming and disturbing the peace.

The toy car`s steering wheel would be perfect for Donald Trump`s tiny hands, but he wouldn`t be able to squeeze his lard ass into the vehicle.

I guess I should be a little bit more understanding, after all everybody needs a hobby.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia