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Published:December 21st, 2016 10:04 EST

Elephant Farts on Friend's Face: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elephant at a sanctuary in Thailand took revenge on a pushy comrade by planting her rear-end in the other pachyderm`s face and letting loose a huge fart.

A video posted to YouTube by Elephant News shows Faa Mai, an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Kuet Chang, climbing on a small hill that was previously claimed by a fellow elephant named Kabu."

elephant King of the Hill is a children`s game, the object of which is to stay on top of a large hill or pile (or any other designated area) as the `King of the Hill`. Other players attempt to knock the current King off the pile and take their place, thus becoming the new King of the Hill.


"King of the Hill" was my favorite childhood game, I would spend my entire recess playing this game with my friends. I was a puny little kid and I rarely made it to the summit, but when I did my friends let me enjoy the view from the top for a few moments before unceremoniously knocking me down.

In the pachyderm world this innocent children`s game takes a sinister turn as demonstrated by Faa Mai the elephant. The flatulent elephant attempted to secure her perch on top of the hill by letting loose a tremendous fart on the face of a pushy comrade.

Faa Mai`s smelly tactic may have worked, but everybody knows elephants have long memories, and proving that revenge is a dish best served cold Faa Mai may one day discover elephant dung on her meal dish.

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