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Published:December 22nd, 2016 10:26 EST

Chinese Truck Driver Covers His Vehicle With His Own Poetry

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Chinese truck driver classed out his work vehicle by covering it in a high-brow form of decoration -- poetry.

A video filmed earlier this month in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, shows the unique way a driver named He Xianwei decorated his work truck.
The driver said the words written all over his truck are 30 poems that he composed while driving.

He said he frequently writes and recites poems and song lyrics while driving, so he decided to publicize his work in the hopes of drawing attention to his writings."


Great poetry is as rare as a pearl in a cesspool, and the greatest poets find it almost impossible to publish their poetry -- there is simply no market for poetry.

But everybody and his autistic mother imagines himself to be a great poet, and there are a gazillion and one self-published poetry books available on Amazon.

The Internet is infested with bad poetry, in fact there is almost as much bad poetry as their is disturbing porn online.

I`m cognizant that it`s almost impossible to browse the Internet for more than an hour without stumbling onto somebody`s poetry Web site, but I always imagined the highways to be a poetry-free zone.

But in China there`s a trucker/poet who has covered his truck with his own poetry. I give all Chinese drivers a wide berth, but I would move to Canada if a Chinese/American in my hometown decided to cover his truck with poetry.

Why is every poet on a mission from God to share his poetry with the world? If you imagine yourself to be a poet, do humankind a favor and instead of posting your poetry online or covering your vehicle with your poetry, self-publish your poetry and sell it online, that way the only ones exposed to your atrocious rhymes will be you and your autistic mother.

poetryPic of wanker`s truck covered in poems

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