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Published:January 2nd, 2017 15:59 EST
Deck the Halls with Bells of Jolly and a Snake?

Deck the Halls with Bells of Jolly and a Snake?

By Ron G Anselm

The holiday season is a time of joy and giving and a time to reflect back on the past years with family and friends. The reason for the season is the birth of Jesus and that alone should bring joy and happiness to everyone. Everyone young and old, with four legs and two get involved in the holiday festivities and the long lines at Wal-Mart, the crowded aisles at the mall and the bumper to bumper traffic all around the city that makes even the calmest of drivers burst into a holiday frenzy but is well worth the atmosphere of lights and decorations and the word that is the essence of Christmas.

One of the fun activities during this time of year is to finally put up the Christmas tree that has been sitting in the upstairs attic growing dust the past year waiting to once again shine with the Christmas spirit in the living rooms of every red-blooded holiday spirited American.

Everyone gets involved in decorating the tree while drinking egg nog and other liquid induced amenities while the string of lights are wrapped gently with care around the green braches of the Christmas tree that are like a Mothers arms holding her new born baby with care. The ornaments are hung on the tree in a row like a military inspection with everyone in a perfect row and in perfect order with decorations and lights gleaming in the reflection of the Christmas tinsel. Everything is put on the tree that has to do with Christmas even the critters that live in the trenches of the outside bushes and rocks like a deadly Tiger snake. Huh? A deadly Tiger snake? What?

That`s right, a deadly Tiger snake. An Australian woman got up one morning to make her normal morning coffee and while in the route to her kitchen passed by her lovely Christmas tree looking as good as a swim suit model sitting on Malibu beach shining in the bask rays of the warm sun reflecting off her bronze, sun-tanned body, in this case the tree was basking in the spirit of Christmas looking as good as a finely decorated Christmas tree with a little glitch slizzering in and out of the branches of the tree.

As the woman smiled in a pleasing way feeling the spirit of Christmas as she looked at her tree suddenly the feeling of surprise and gloom overtook the positive Christmas spirit feeling as she froze in her tracks looking at what she thought was a snake starring right back at here, tongue dancing in and out of the snakes mouth looking as mean as a hungry tiger ready to strike.

Barry Goldsmith who was called to the scene to remove the snake posted the picture of the slithering creature on Facebook commented, "She didn`t panic, she just took a photo and sent it to the snake catcher, me, and 20 minutes later I had the little bugger in a bag," (Goldsmith, B.)

Goldsmith also stated that the snake is among the most dangerous in Australia which in essence could have led to a not so Marry Christmas for the woman and her deadly Christmas tree.

So, think about this way out of the ordinary situation. What would you have done if you found a snake in your Christmas tree? Turn around and run out the house like a scared mouse? Or, stop, look at the tree with a double-take and say to yourself, "What the frick?" and slowly and quietly take two steps back, look to the left and head right back out the door the same way you came in and call the snake catcher to come and deal with the problem. I think the latter is the best answer.


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