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Published:January 2nd, 2017 17:00 EST
Habitable Neighbor Planet Living Next Door to Us?

Habitable Neighbor Planet Living Next Door to Us?

By Ron G Anselm

"Neighbors are like another piece of companionship. Whether it`s your next door neighbor that plays their stereo at two in the morning like it was a Quiet Riot concert of the 1980`s or your upstairs neighbor that walks like they weight five-hundred pounds twenty-for seven and your ceiling shakes like a small Southern California tremor, neighbors are like the missing piece of the puzzle 0f human companionship that we either want to be a part of or want to run like a high school senior discovering their blind date looks like something out of a Vincent Price movie. When it comes to our planet and our solar systems finding a new neighbor can either be an exciting experience at least for NASA or a bizarre experience wondering who in the heck is living next store to our home we call planet Earth?" (Anselm, R.)

You wouldn`t think that there really is other life living out there in our vast and spacious solar system. I think a lot of times we grow up not only in the mindset of not really caring or thinking about this but sub-consciously we tend to believe we as humans are the only life form out there frequenting our mysterious area we call space.

NASA has been exploring Mars and heading in the direction that the red planet could be our next planet we relocate to if we ever have to but also has been exploring just about anything out there that could potentially be another place we can in the future call home.

It really isn`t a question of we now are finding and know there are other planets out there besides earth; scientists have known for ever there are or has to be other life out there but more of a question of there are other life forms out there and those life forms could very well be a lot like us where we could evacuate Earth where us humans have destroyed our environment and ecosystems to the point beyond repair and be able to continue life on another planet and bond with those other life forms.

Last August scientists discovered that we may have all along had a close next door neighbor. As NASA was exploring they found a detection of a tiny disturbance in the light coming from Proxima Centauri, the closest star to Earth besides the sun. This means something was blocking the beam of light coming to Earth or disturbing it indicating there is a solid presence which means the potential for life could exist there.

The models from NASA indicate this phantom planet has a mas 1.3 times the size of earth and it has an atmosphere like we do and could be covered mostly by a large and vast ocean. As we know with the existence of water means there more than likely is also the existence of life.

So, with this new discovery maybe one day we may end up there in the


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