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Published:January 10th, 2017 13:59 EST
Mysterious Lights and Other Matters leave Scientists Baffled

Mysterious Lights and Other Matters leave Scientists Baffled

By Ron G Anselm

The world of Science to me is a fun and interesting journey into the world of academics. I have always had a fascination for science probably because of not only the fun aspect of it but the mysterious nature to learn all about different and interesting facts when it comes to our world and everything that has to do with the science of it.

There are tons of things you can learn from science. Not only our local world but science and space, environment, astronomy, physics, and the vast list goes on. Over the past year there have been some very interesting events that have happened in science that will leave the science buffs wanting more. Here is one very interesting thing that happened in science over the past year.

The momentum of light as we know it has been discovered with a tweak to as we thought the basic properties might be. First of all the old discovery that happened over two-hundred years ago with the speed of light being 186,000 miles per second, or "299,792 kilometers per second has not changed. Whew! Scared me for a second but science have now discovered that those once thought of basic properties of light may not be as basic as scientists and astronomers though it was.

Physicists at Trinity College Dublin redid some physics calculations pertaining to the particles of light and found the photons or the particles that represent a quantum particle of light or other electromagnetic radiation were not behaving as they should or were found to behave.

When studying the properties of light the various crystals to force the light through a hollow tube the photons spun at an angular momentum of one-half of Planck`s constant. Planks constant is a calculation and number in physics that measure and determines the relationship between a wavelength of light and its energy.

The issue is that the light speed were spinning at one-half the speed of Planks Theory not the whole number speed of Planks Theory they should be able to spin at. They should spin at double or triple the speed of Planks Theory not a half-number.

This may not seem like anyone cares about this but if you are into science this is the sort of mysterious thing that science is made-up of. Out of the box interesting things that no one ever thinks about that is happening and out there. It`s cool y`all.

Trinity College physicist Kyle Ballantine commented on this to Live Science by saying, "Our result shows that we can make beams of photons, which behave like fermions - a completely different form of matter." (Ballentine, K.)

So, scientist discovered that the once thought of properties of light only singled to photons behaving one-way can now expand to fermions and behave multiple ways. This new discovery does not mean that the initial discovery in quantum physics about the properties of light was incorrect but that this new discovery has shown scientist that the properties of light work in a different manner than once thought of.

The essence of light is taken for granite. Just think what it would be like if we did not have light and only darkness. That would suck. Heck, when the lights go out in my apartment I feel lost without the light and count the minutes until the power company can fix the problem and the lights are restored. Think about light in the realm of science, that it has properties and many aspects to it not only traveling at 186,000 miles per second, faster than an angry Grandmother hitting a fit of road rage but that light is a necessity that we need for our standard of living and survival.


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