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Published:January 24th, 2017 16:46 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews David Kessler, #1 Grief Expert

Judyth Piazza interviews David Kessler, #1 Grief Expert

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

David Kessler is the #1 grief expert and co-author and protégé of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross who first identified the five stages of grief has more therapists and counselors reporting Election Grief in their patients

For millions of Americans, Election Grief is very real. Thanksgiving was filled with families at odds with the election. Many are now in fear of their Christmas get together.

Effects are:

· Reluctance to be in social situations

· Withdrawing from social media

· Un-friending people with different political beliefs

· People going on antidepressants because of politics

· No longer watching news

· Sense of gloom

· Feeling hopeless

· Sadness and Fear

Even Kessler`s mentor and co-author, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross`s stages are being applied by many. He believes we are now in the stage of depression

Denial -This can`t be happening. There`s no way Trump could win the presidency.

Anger - I`m so angry that this happened! I`m angry at the people who voted for him! I`m angry at those who didn`t vote!

Bargaining -This can`t be right. The votes must be wrong. There needs to be recounts. Russian hacking did this.

Depression - I`m so sad this is our country now. Everything is going to change for the worse.

Acceptance- This is our new reality, resignation, detachment

Kessler believes people who are experiencing election grief will feel a second wave January 20.He does remind people that Election Grief is not new. The last time he saw this? 2008 when an unlikely Senator was elected President.

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