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Published:February 5th, 2017 15:37 EST

Chelsea Clinton Must Be Politically Destroyed By Any Means Necessary

By Robert Paul Reyes

Publicly Democrats are united in trying to undermine the Trump administration, but behind closed doors they`ve been debating the best way to move forward.

The Sanders/Warner wing of the party wants to double down on socialism light and present a populist agenda that will appeal to middle class and working class voters. The establishment/pragmatist section of the party is persuaded that Hillary Clinton`s center/left platform would have prevailed against Trump, if only she hadn`t been such an unappealing and ineffectual candidate.

Since her stunning defeat Hillary has mulled running for mayor of New York City and hosting her own TV show, but these trial balloons have been met with indifference, if not outright anger. Most Democrats want Hillary to simply go away, they recognize her as an old brand that doesn`t hold any attraction for Millennials.

But a small but influential segment of the Democratic Party doesn`t want to see the end of the Clinton dynasty, and they are hoping that Chelsea Clinton will run for office. Indeed, Chelsea has been attempting to raise her profile by attacking Trump on his favorite social media platform, Twitter.

The emergence of Chelsea Clinton as a viable candidate is the worst thing possible for the Democratic Party. Chelsea`s political ambitions must be nipped in the bud, she must be stopped by any means necessary. All factions of the Democratic Party must unite in fighting the Clinton loyalists, and doing everything possible to destroy Chelsea. I hate to be redundant but Chelsea must be politically destroyed!

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