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Published:February 13th, 2017 17:12 EST
State of Maryland Selects BIDS

State of Maryland Selects BIDS

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The Recent Announcement That Maryland Has Selected BIDS

To Run Their Budget and Management System Caps A Breakthrough

Year for the Product That Includes Implementation In

Virginia and Tennessee

State and Federal government leaders, it`s time to place your BIDS!

Effectively harnessing Australian technological ingenuity to make U.S. state and federal government more efficient and effective, The Performa Group USA is making powerful breakthroughs with BIDS - a dynamic new technology quickly revolutionizing the way governments manage their budgets.

The recent announcement that the state of Maryland has selected BIDS to run their Budget and Management system caps off a highly successful year for BIDS software and Performa USA.

In addition, the State of Virginia, another BIDS customer, recently won the prestigious Innovation in Government Award from the Virginian Commonwealth University for their BIDS based public budgeting system and a new BIDS based system has also been recently implemented in the State of Tennessee.

"You can say we`re on a winning streak," says Raphael Gabay, CEO of Performa Group. "While we have these early adopting visionary states successfully using the technology, we are now looking to establish BIDS and Performa USA as key players within the Government Budgeting Marketplace. Budgeting is the most important things a government does. Until they put a budget together, they can`t deliver any services to the public.

"An effective government depends on providing the right services to the right people at the right time, and that`s what BIDS is designed to help them do."

The need for BIDS is rooted in the complexity of managing the budgets of a government, be it state or federal. Their budget cycles can last anywhere up to a year, involve millions of decisions and thousands of people and often leave little time for the extensive analysis and scrutiny required. In the past, governments have relied on dated in-house developed budget systems or been faced with having to modify financial software originally developed for private enterprise.

Specifically crafted and built from the ground up for government use, BIDS software is fully integrated into one product, fully configurable, and enables users to focus on their business processes, rather than having to manage the data itself.

Designed to support changing processes and reference data, BIDS enables smooth upgrades, is cloud ready, works with Oracle Hyperion and can "talk with any existing system" In addition, nearly every part of BIDS has a quality configuration UI for better productivity.

Its uniqueness is in its ability to collect and analyze all the government information in the way government wants to see them. As the Performa Group website ( promises: "All your evidence, numbers and narrative in YOUR workflow and processes. With a single quality version of the truth. Your documents and process. YOUR WAY." By letting the government control all the data, the decisions and the governance, they can ensure the highest standard of accountability to the residents of their state or constituency.

Performa Group is a specialist provider of enhanced performance management solutions through their in house distribution and implementation teams. Their specialty is the enhancement of these solutions with software specifically designed to bridge a gap in the market where current products are unable to provide a solution.

"Visionary governments understand the breakthroughs that BIDS provides to their complex process management and are regularly embracing the BIDS technology," says Gabay. "We have won the last two major sales in the global sector, but it`s definitely been more a marathon than a sprint. We`ve invested over 30 years in developing our software, expertise and intimate understanding of the unique needs of governments. It`s gratifying to see the market response, but even better to see the awards and recognition that our systems and our users are receiving."