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Published:February 19th, 2017 15:27 EST

Donald Trump: Campaigner-in-Chief

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump`s default speech mode is hyperbole, and that bombastic style was a perfect fit in the worlds of professional wrestling and reality TV.

Trump`s disregard for the truth and over-the-top rhetoric served him well on the campaign trail, enough American swallowed his alternative facts to land him in the White House.

Trump`s shoot-from-the-hip style has been a disaster in the White House, his press conferences and tweets have infuriated and perplexed American politicians and foreign leaders.

The press isn`t seduced by Trump`s shtick, they are determined to hold him accountable for the excesses of his administration. They want the truth about his ties to Russia, and they want an explanation for the chaos swirling in the White House.
Unfortunately, the media`s bias against conservatives in general and Trump in particular taints their mission to uncover the truth.

Trump thrives in chaos, but even he needs a break from the freak show, and he is seeking affirmation and refuge on the campaign trail.

The Donald returned on Saturday to the activity he enjoys the most: Running for the office he already holds. "I want to be among my friends and among the people," Trump told a crowd of 9,000 diehard supporters at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida.

The applause from his adoring true believers is an elixir for Trump, but he can`t campaign for the next four years. Trump can accomplish only so much from executive orders, sooner or later he has to govern. Trump doesn`t know the first thing about running a country or being commander-in-chief -- we`re screwed.

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