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Published:March 8th, 2017 10:50 EST

Google Chrome Extension 'Nope' Wards Off Coworkers with Fake Phone Call

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A new Google Chrome browser extension called `Nope` aims to help users escape from a common workplace annoyance -- conversations with coworkers.

The Nope extension features a button at the top of the user`s browser that they can click when approached by a coworker serving up some annoying conversation.

`Press this button to send a call to your phone. Apologize sincerely as you pick it up. Then watch them walk away,` the extension`s description reads."


I don`t consider myself a misanthrope, but every night I pray that CERN will unleash a baby black hole that will swallow the Earth.

I don`t like small talk, and I cringe with horror and dread whenever a coworker approaches my desk. I`ve considered putting up a "FUC* OFF" sign on my desk, but the namby pambies at Human Resources would probably object.

"Nope" is a lifesaver, now I can stop my coworkers dead in their tracks before they have a change to annoy me with the following things:

Pester me to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Bore me with the latest news about their cat.

Show me pics of newborn baby that looks like a red-faced demon.

Beg me to help with their project. (The only project I care about is finishing a Facebook quiz.)

Do I care about any of these things? NOPE! God bless this new Google Chrome browser extension.

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