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Published:March 9th, 2017 15:37 EST

Stray Dog Adopted as Newest Friar by Bolivian Monastery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Franciscan monastery in Bolivia adopted a stray dog and allowed it to join its ranks as the newest friar.

Proyecto Narices Frias (Cold Nose Project) shared photos of the dog, who was given the title Friar Bigoton or Friar Moustache, dressed in traditional robes alongside his fellow friars at the monastery in Cochabamba.

The group hopes Friar Bigoton`s story will encourage other people to adopt stray dogs.


What a wonderful example this Franciscan monastery in providing for all churches, a house of worship should minister to all members of their community, including stray pets.

The Franciscan order takes its name after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, this monastery is living up to the legacy of its founder.

Every church, Catholic and Protestant, should adopt a stray dog or cat as its official mascot. There is no better way for a church to welcome a stranger than having a pooch greet them at the vestibule.

I`d rather receive a sloppy wet kiss from a canine, than have a priest sprinkle me with holy water.

I`d feel comfortable at any church where a humble pooch is accepted as part of its faith community.

Pics of pooch:

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