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Published:March 18th, 2017 17:52 EST

Donald Trump Wants to Kill Meals on Wheels

By Robert Paul Reyes

There should be a special place reserved in hell for scammers who target the most vulnerable segment of our population, the elderly.

Con artists who are convicted of fleecing the elderly should be treated like child molesters behind bars, they should walk out of the Big House bowlegged and terrified of taking a shower.


Which brings us to the greatest flimflam artist of our times, Donald Trump. He basically bullshitted his way into the White House, and now he`s crapping all over the poor and the elderly.

The president just released his budget proposal that slashes federal funding from multiple programs that aid the elderly and poor.

The orange bastard wants to eliminate funding for a government program that partially funds local Meals on Wheels programs. Meals on Wheels is considered sacrosanct by Republicans, Democrats, and anybody with a beating heart. Only a Scrooge, the Antichrist or a monster with a really deep hatred for the elderly would kill Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels delivers nutritional meals to the elderly and to the disabled who are housebound. The only social interaction that many of these disabled and elderly have is with the Meals on Wheels volunteers.

Trump`s $1.15 trillion budget proposal seeks a humongous increase in military and other security spending while slashing spending on social welfare programs that benefit the poor and disadvantaged.

Trump is building up the military to compensate for his micropenis; he should get a penis transplant and leave the poor and elderly the hell alone.

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