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Published:April 3rd, 2017 11:35 EST

Bone Bone: Latest Adorable Kitty to Go Viral

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If you`ve been skulking around the strange bits of the internet recently, you,ve probably seen him: a giant, fluffy cat wearing a backpack and clinging to his owner.

Assorted excellent people on the internet have tracked down this cat and discovered his name is P`Bone. He also goes by Bone Bone, and is a fluffy cat living in Thailand."


This kitty doesn`t need any accessories to accentuate his adorableness, he`s irresistible by virtue of the fact that he`s a fat fluffy cat.

This feline is so cool that the backpack doesn`t rob him of his dignity. I would never put a sweater on my cats or make them wear backpacks.

But I am dying of curiosity, what would a cat put in his backpack?

Dead mice to snack on.

Crunched up sheets of paper.

Kitty litter, emergency bathroom.

Shampoo and conditioner, he`s so freaking fluffy.

catSmartphone, so he can communicate with his millions of online fans.

What do you think he has in his backpack, let me know!

Pics of the adorable fur ball:

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