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Published:April 3rd, 2017 17:30 EST

White House Releases First Official Portrait of Melania Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It is perhaps no surprise that first lady Melania Trump`s first official portrait is a glamour shot. The former model`s bio page on the White House website goes into great detail about her career in the field. The White House released the photo on Monday, with a simple press release stating that the photo was taken in the residence at the White House."


Since Donald Trump assumed office Melania Trump has kept a very low profile, perhaps the White House released her first official portrait to remind us that she`s still the First Lady.

It`s not surprising that the former model has an affinity for soft lighting and airbrushing, there will never be an official photograph of the First Lady that hasn`t been airbrushed to death.

The official photograph features a giant diamond on her ring finger, most of the gazillion and one images of Melania online feature her impressive rack.

Melania`s story is America`s story, any humble immigrant with a photogenic face and an ample bosom can climb from the seedy world of soft core pornography to the corrupt White House.

God bless America and God bless Melania Trump.

Melania`s Official Portrait:

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