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Published:April 4th, 2017 20:21 EST

Why Are Black Women Ashamed of Wearing Their Hair Natural? Michelle Obama Rocks the Natural Look!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The White House released first lady Melania Trump`s official portrait on Monday. But a photo of her predecessor grabbed a lot of attention on the same day.

The chatter seems to have started with this tweet and undated photo of Michelle Obama wearing her hair natural."

The Kansas City Star

Out of every 100 black women, 50 wear wigs and hair extensions, 49 have their hair in an unnatural state: Relaxed, straightened or blown out. Only one out of a hundred black women dare go out in public with their hair in its natural state.

Whenever a famous black woman sports a natural hairstyle it`s front page news, why are they so insecure about their hair? They would rather wear a ridiculous wig, witness Maxine Waters and her James Brown wig, or a blond wig, witness Beyoncé and her Becky with the Good Hair wig.

Black women, for the love of God stop using harsh chemicals to straighten your hair! Stop wearing cheap ass wigs that make you a laughing stock! Stop appropriating white culture by putting on Barbie blond wigs!

Michelle Obama looks marvelous in her natural hair. Black women, do you really need an old non-black blogger to tell you to keep shi* real, and be proud of your natural hair?

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