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Published:April 7th, 2017 18:50 EST

Twitter User Seeks 18 Million Retweets for Free Wendy's Nuggets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wendy`s challenged a Twitter user to accumulate 18 million retweets on a single tweet to earn a year of free chicken nuggets.

Carter Wilkerson tweeted at the fast-food chain`s official Twitter account to ask how many retweets would earn him a year`s supply of his favorite treat.

`Yo Wendy`s how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?` Wilkerson wrote.

Wendy`s set the bar at 18 million and Wilkerson, whose Twitter bio includes the phrase `I like chicken nuggets` pleaded to his Twitter followers for help after telling the restaurant to `consider it done.`"


I don`t have a discriminating palate, and I often dine fast food restaurants, but I draw the line at ordering chicken nuggets.

Whenever a person eats an exotic food (alligator burger or buffalo stew), he usually says it tastes like chicken. God only knows what Wendy`s chicken nuggets are made of, one thing`s for sure Wendy`s nuggets are the only non-chicken meat that doesn`t taste like chicken.

I could eat a Burger King Whopper every day of the week and twice on Sunday, but I would die of dysentery after a week of dining on nothing but chicken nuggets.

Yo Carter, if you`re not able to accumulate 18 million retweets don`t worry, I`ll give you free access to my septic tank, that shi* tastes better than Wendy`s chicken nuggets.

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