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Published:April 11th, 2017 17:47 EST

Moron Asks Deputies to Check Home, They Find Marijuana Plants

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida man who asked deputies to make sure there wasn`t an invader inside his home was arrested when they discovered marijuana plants instead.

The Lee County Sheriff`s Office said deputies responded Saturday to the North Fort Myers home of Nathan Stone, 23, who called to report that his house appeared to have been targeted by a break-in.

Deputies said Stone appeared visibly frightened when they arrived and he asked them to go inside his house first to make sure there weren`t any remaining burglars.

The sheriff`s office said the deputies agreed to Stone`s request and went inside to discover he was using his home as a marijuana grow house, with cannabis plants discovered in the living room, bathroom and a bedroom."


This joker failed Dealing 101 Rule 1: If you have product in your house, don`t call the cops if you fear you`ve been burglarized.

He also flunked Rule 2: Don`t use your own product!

Not only is Stone a moron, but he`s also a coward. His girlfriend was in the house at the time, and he was too chicken to enter, and check to see if she was all right.

Stone and his girlfriend were arrested and charged with marijuana producing, marijuana possession over 20 grams and related charges.

Stone is such a sniveling coward, he`s going to be somebody`s wife in the Big House before you can say: Loser!

If Stone`s old lady is reading this article I have an offer for her: I will provide you with all the weed you can smoke if you move in with me, and if a burglar breaks into my house I`ll blow him away before he can do you any harm.

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