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Published:April 13th, 2017 15:47 EST

Epic Encounter Between Red Panda and a Rock Rocks the Internet: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Giant Panda, native to China, has large distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its roly-poly body. The Giant Panda is arguably the most adorable creature on the face of the Earth, and it`s China`s goodwill ambassador to the world.

The Red Panda, also native to China, has reddish-brown fur, a shaggy tail, and a lean body. It`s a handsome animal, but it`s nowhere near as adorable as its black and white cousin.

This red panda`s antics are so adorable that this video is racking up more views than those featuring Giant Pandas. This video depicts the adorable animal emerging from a hole in its enclosure before abruptly stopping in front of a big rock, and adopting a defensive posture with its little paws raised in the air. After a few moments of nervous histrionics the seemingly defeated animal turned around and walked back into its hole when its shaggy tail tucked between his hind legs.

This epic encounter between the panda and the rock is a prime example why we love the Internet.

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