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Published:April 17th, 2017 11:42 EST

Functionally Illiterate Donald Trump Endorses Book With No Words

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Donald Trump, a man of many words, tweeted his admiration Monday for a book with almost none.

In the middle of a Monday morning Tweetstorm, the President gave an endorsement to a 266 page tome called Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide.

But most of those 266 pages, it turns out, are entirely blank.

Remarkably, even though the one-note gag is revealed in the sample pages included by Amazon and other retailers, the book still checks in at No. 4 on Amazon`s Political Humor bestseller list."


Donald Trump has acknowledged that he hasn`t read any biographies of presidents, in fact he doesn`t have the focus and discipline to read anything lengthier than a 140-character tweet.

The only book I can image Trump endorsing would be a graphic novel, erotic literature or a book with no words, and that`s exactly what he did: Endorse a gag book with no words.

Trump doesn`t have the intellectual curiosity to read, and that`s a crying shame. Kids don`t be like Trump, expand your mind and your horizons by reading.

I`m tempted to write a book called "Reasons to reelect Donald Trump," all of the pages would be blank.

Trump doesn`t like reading books, but maybe he will read this Web site: Easy Peasy: Learn to Read Online:

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