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Published:April 26th, 2017 01:29 EST

Outrage: Centenarian Awarded Gold Medal for Running 100-Meter Sprint in 1 Minute 40 Seconds

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Man Kaur, a 101-year-old Indian woman, racked up her 17th gold medal this week at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, completing the 100 metre sprint in one minute 14 seconds.

Truth be told, she was the sole competitor in the race, with no other runners coming forward to take part in the 100-years-and-over category."


Man Kaur is making a mockery of athletic competition, when you complete a 100-meter sprint in one minute and 14 seconds that`s not a sprint, it`s a leisurely stroll. The only sprint that Kaur should be participating in is a sprint to the bathroom before she soils her diapers.

The centenarian was the sole competitor in the race, her gold medal is nothing more than a glorified participation trophy.

There should be no official athletic competitions for octogenarians, never mind centenarians.

Her supporters (enablers) should be ashamed of themselves, it`s a wonder the old lady didn`t suffer a heart attack.

Enough with this politically-correct tomfoolery in pretending that folks who are older than dirt can still participate in athletic events.

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