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Published:April 27th, 2017 01:11 EST

Who's Gonna Pay for Donald Trump's Wall? El Chapo?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Forget that talk about Mexico footing the bill for President Trump`s border wall.

Ted Cruz has the answer -- let El Chapo pay for it.

The conservative Texas senator thinks the $14 billion in assets the US government is trying to get from the reputed drug lord -- whose real name is Joaquin Guzman -- would be a nice down payment on Trump`s vision of a `big, beautiful` wall on the southern border.

Cruz introduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order Act -- you get it? The EL CHAPO Act! -- on Monday. The bill would take any assets that the government would get from prosecuting El Chapo and apply the funds toward building the border wall.


No more than a few miles of Trump`s big beautiful wall between Mexico and the United States will ever be built, the Republican-controlled Congress will never fund such a foolish expenditure. As far as the Democrats are concerned they will fund an elevator to the International Space Station before they give the president a dime for his accursed wall.

There isn`t a snowball`s chance in hell that Mexico, El Chapo, or American taxpayers will pay for the wall. Corruption is endemic in all levels of Mexican bureaucracy, any few millions that El Chapo`s organization wasn`t able to hide will end up in the hands of Mexican politicians.

It appears that even Trump realizes that neither Mexico or American taxpayers will pay for the wall, he caved in his demand for a measly $1 billion for the wall in the 2017 Continuing Resolution.

El Chapo will build a tunnel from his maximum security prison in the United States to the White House, beat Trump to a blood pulp,and return to his prison cell before the damn wall is built.

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