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Published:May 8th, 2017 18:01 EST

A Therapy Dog in a Dental Office Is a Wonderful Idea

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Going to the dentist is something many people dread, but one Wichita dental office is trying to make the experience a little easier on patients.

For the past several months, Boynton Family Dental has had a new friendly face to deal with dental anxiety.

`I was surprised at first. I just kind of saw movement behind me and didn`t really know what it was,` said patient Debra Mitchell.

That friendly face is a Bearded Collie named Baron. He knows how to calm a patient`s nerves with just a wag of his tail."


I`d rather suffer a rectal examination by a proctologist who is high on LSD and thinks there`s a pot of gold inside my a-hole, than visit my dentist. When I was a child I dreaded my yearly dental examination until my parents took me to a dentist who let his patients choose a free toy from a giant bin. That`s not going to work anymore unless my dentist has a bin with iPhones and watches instead of toy cars and dolls.

But having a therapy dog in the dental office is the next best thing; I can tolerate the most sadistic dentist as long as man`s best friend is by my side. When my dentist isn`t torturing me by drilling my teeth, he is driving me nuts by making inane small talk and asking me questions he knows I can`t answer, because I`m forced to keep my mouth open so he can perform his tender ministrations.

I`d rather have a pooch in the dentist office than be administered enough Novocaine to knock out a horse. Dogs in the dental office is a marvelous idea and I hope it catches on, and not just with dental practices that cater mainly to children.

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