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Published:May 14th, 2017 20:36 EST

Donald Trump Tweets "We" and Twitter Goes Nuts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Something amazing happened on Twitter on Saturday. The President of the United States, arguably one of the most controversial people on the platform, tweeted one word with two letters and so much power.

Donald Trump, or a White House staffer representing Trump, typed `We,` then hit the tweet button, sending the word to the president`s 29 million followers."

Huffington Post

Trump deleted his "we" tweet a couple of minutes after posting it.

It`s obvious that Trump was starting to type a sentence when he hit the "send" button by mistake, it`s perplexing that a man with such dainty and tiny hands would hit the wrong button.

Trump wasn`t starting a declarative sentence using the royal we such as: We are going to fire Sean Spicer. Trump never employs the royal we, he likes to take sole credit for his actions, and he doesn`t want to give the impression that he is speaking on behalf of his staff.

Trump wasn`t making a minimalist philosophical statement. We, as in we are in this existential nightmare together, and we must find meaning in life as a team.

I`m not going to waste another second wondering what Trump intended to write, Shakespeare he`s not.

The moron was going to type some sort of malarkey, and dissertations won`t be written contemplating what he meant to write.

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